Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pre-op Liquid Diet- Day 1

Today I had to attend my pre-op orientation with the nurse and dietitian.  They made me go through it again because some things have changed from when I had my Lap Band placed in 2009.  Frankly, I don't really think much changed, but I guess it was a good reminder.  I also started my first day of my all liquid all the time diet.  I am sure I will hate it soon.  O wait, I already do.  But, I am a trooper and it will be worth it when next Wednesday rolls around and my liver isn't too big for surgery.

Friday I have my pre admission testing which is always fun.  I am a pro, I have been through pre admission testing 3 times for my Lap Band related surgery, so this will be the 4th!  I am also suffering with the terrible miserable cold that seems to be going around the state of MI.  I am pretty miserable but don't want to miss any work because I am going to be off for my surgery.  I have the biggest red nose and some delightful zits from all the nose blowing/rubbing.  I am hoping I feel much better soon.  Also, the Puffs with Vicks and lotion is the most amazing invention ever.


-Grace- said...

You are going to kick so much butt! Let me know if you ever need anything (I don't think we live too far away).

Sam said...

Feel better soon and best of luck on your pre-op diet :o)