Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little pissed.

So I have been working out hardcore for the past couple weeks. I have really been trying to do lots of cardio and sculpting. So I have been putting in a good hour each day. This morning I decide to step on the scale to see what little treat I am in store for... UP 1.5 lbs.

Now I know logically all the reasons this could happen... muscle gain, retaining water, not eating enough calories... blah blah blah. But for any and all of you who have had this happen.. it is just so frustrating. So.. I didn't exercise this morning. Instead I sat around watching tv and pouting. I wanted to get to 170 or lower so bad this week... yeah.. that ain't going to happen. And it isn't as if I haven't been putting in the work.

Okay.. so after all that whining, I am done. I am over this and will get back to the exercise tomorrow. I will stay away from the scale for a few more days and see what happens.
I also thought I would include this ridiculous picture of me and a co-worker/friend from last Friday's staff inservice. We were trying out a "turn around" technique for a perfect picture. Umm.. not so much. But hey... I look like a normal person (minus the face I am making)!


Amanda said...

Do you measure yourself as well?

I know for some people who get frustrated with the lack of scale movement when gaining muscle it's a nice reassurance to see a difference in measure.

Muscle weighs more than fat.. but takes up less space! ;) And just think of how great that lean muscle is helping to burn calories without even trying.

:) keep it up!


Oh I feel you. I wanted to be at 50 lbs lost by thanksgiving. You would think 2 lbs would not be so hard. But watch next week they will be gone for both of use. keep up the exercise.

amandakiska said...

That sucks! So sorry the scale isn't being kind. I think you are right to stay off for a few days and see where you're at.

Love the pic!

Sam said...

I have gone through the same thing when I started exercising, very frustrating, but it does come off :o)