Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Can I Say?

I have been doing super well during the work week and then pretty much blowing it all on the weekend. So.. I am pretty much just maintaining right now. I am annoyed, but I know how to fix it, and I am not devastated. October starts the "holidays" for my husband and my family. We have a birthday or holiday every single week October- the first week of January. I am just enjoying myself too much. I really need to step up the working out to make up for the eating crap. But... I am too busy enjoying life. I did have a fill scheduled for tomorrow and even though a small tweak might be good.. I know that really isn't the problem.

The other issue is that my therapist wants me to focus less on the weight loss and more on my relationships with food. This sometimes entails eating things on impulse for the mental benefits. I just don't know... it is hard when she wants me to do one thing and the surgeon is telling me something entirely different.

All in all... I am happy... I like me... and though I would love to be 30 lbs lighter, I know I will get there eventually. It is okay if it takes a while. I will admit... I still want to be 169 by Thanksgiving and I could totally do it if I would stop screwing around on the weekends.

Cheers to Hump Day!

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Amy W. said...

We are practically the same weight. Did you know that? Hell, since I havent weighed in a couple of days, I may weigh more than you!

Also, totally random you know I think of you everytime I go to the library? It's true.