Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I have eaten/will eat today...

Okay, so since we are all talking about what we eat... here I go. I am not very exciting and eat sort of strange but I think that is sort of standard for Lapbanders. Also, my restriction has loosened slightly so I am able to eat cereal again and I have been enjoying it for breakfast.

Breakfast: 3/4 c Honey Nuts and Oats with Almonds and 1 c skim milk

Lunch: 3 ounces chicken breast chopped up with 2 cups lettuce, cucumbers and Asian Sesame dressing

Snack: low carb chocolate slim fast (This is a creepy guilty pleasure, I love this crap)

Dinner: 3 ounces chicken breast chopped, 1 boiled egg chopped up, craisins, 2 cups lettuce, cheese, and Raspberry Pecan Dressing

I don't usually eat salads 2x a day but I wanted to use up the rest of the lettuce, and I work until 9 tonight.

I will say... salads are sort of standard for me.. I love them and they go down well. I often also eat soup for lunch because I am pretty tight that time of day.. and often Greek yogurt for breakfast. I also eat tuna out of the can mixed with some mayo and chopped pickles, anything I make for my husband (spaghetti, lasagna, stir fry, tacos, chili) all made with white meat. I rarely eat red meat.. not because it is a problem but more because I got out of the habit. Also, pasta has never been an issue for me... no matter how tight I am.. in fact it tends to be a slider.


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Sounds great to me! Thanks

Lap Band Gal said...

great ideas! thanks!

Sam said...

I like your ideas, I may have to steal a few of them :o)