Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yeah... the five day pouch test... just kidding

I didn't even make it through an entire day of the pouch test. I made it all day at work and then got home and felt TERRIBLE. So... I ate a big salad with chicken and cheese and nuts. A good choice... just not my original plan. I decided I was not going to try for day two today. I am not sure why, but instead I have been back on the calorie counting track... so far so good.

I forgot how bad liquids sucked.


amandakiska said...

To be honest when I hear about people doing these tests, I wonder why they are essentially going on another diet. I know you want to jump start the loss, but I think overall sticking to the basics is the way to go - not radical liquid diets.

Gen said...

Ditto amanda. Back to basics works better in the long run IMHO. Good luck!