Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 Freak'n Days Til Christmas!!

Holy Hannah! First off.. I am a total grinch. I hate Christmas. To me it is just over spending, over eating, over guilting, ect. But, I do have a big chunk of vacation coming up around that time.. so I am excited for that.

However, my goal is to get to at least 169, ideally 167 by Christmas. As of this morning I was 171.4. I better get my ass in gear. Tomorrow is my departments holiday party, and next Monday is our all staff party. I need to stear clear of all the yumness if I am going to make this happen.

I plan to eat whatever I feel like eating at our family Christams get togethers (which probably won't be that much). Anywho... Happy 11 days til Christmas.

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