Thursday, December 9, 2010

It has been a busy busy week.

I haven't been at work because I was lucky enough to be chosen for jury duty. I ended up on a criminal case full of sexual assault and abuse. It was interesting to see the process of the court system. It was also a stressful experience, and pretty emotional. None the less, I am back and work and back to the real world. The good news is, I was so busy Monday-Wednesday, and had worked the weekend before, that I have been eating really good. I also dropped all the weight I had gained from the ice cream drama and a little more.

I am still aiming for 167 by Christmas. That is 6 lbs in 2 weeks. It may not be possible, but I at least think it is worth a try. If I can make it to 169 I would be really happy, and that may be more doable. My band is really tight this week, due to the always loved "lady time". I actually love having this one week a month where my band gets tight. I could probably not live with it this tight, but for one week I do a lot of liquids and mushies, and solids only at dinner. It works.

In other news, I am counting down to my 11 days off starting December 23rd. I need a vacation people!!

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