Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pizza= yum

It is my typical Tuesday night.. I work until 9. Tuesday are always interesting for me because I usually eat two meals at work. For lunch I had one of those DiGiorno 200 Calorie Portions pizzas. It was really good and the perfect size for a Lap Bander. It isn't the most nutritious thing I could eat but it is 200 calories and 10 grams of protein. For dinner I had this salad with cucumbers, chick peas, cheese, and vinaigrette. It was delicious!

I am still having that adjust period to my current fill level. I pb much easier now (verses when I was really tight). I am not sure why this is, but it has always been the case for me when I am a little looser. I have to be more aware of the way things are going down because it is way more possible they will come back up.

This week has already been a busy one for me and I suspect it is only going to get busier. It is also my annual review on Friday... something I never look forward to. We are assigned new yearly goals and it is always really overwhelming.

On the weight front, I haven't really seen much movement of the scale but there will be no official news until I weigh myself on Friday.


Camille said...

I am not a big frozen pizza person, but that actually looks good. You can eat the crust??

Gen said...

I had one of these in my freezer and one of my kids stole it. I do love pizza, even the frozen kind, and I can eat most kinds of crust. Next time I'll buy and eat it right away before the kids get it!

THE DASH! said...

Nice that you can find foods you like in a lower calorie range. Just goes to prove that if we look, we WILL find lol. Nice going.

SuperMegaAnna said...

Camille, I can eat the crust... it is thin and crunchy, though I do cut it up into really little pieces before I start eat so I remember to take small bites!