Saturday, January 15, 2011

Restriction update

So as I sit here eating my "big salad" lunch (lettuce, cucumbers, egg, feta, chicken, craisins, and vinaigrette) I am trying to get a good sense of my restriction. In all honesty, I had gotten used to REALLY TIGHT. I had been overfilled since my last fill in late September and just figured I would work with it until it loosened up.

I learned a very important lesson from this all... when you are too tight you eat what you can and what is easiest. This makes it very hard to eat what is *best* for you body and health. I was shying away from "real foods" and instead eating things mushy... in fact, I had been putting chicken in the food processor to make what I like to call "chicken dust" to add to other mushy foods. It actually wasn't that bad, but when I would tell people about, of even looking back now, it is a little bizarre.

I am happy to be able to eat nutritious and filling foods again, I am happy to think about all the healthy options I can welcome back to my diet. It really is exciting. However, with this new looser band I will have be a far more responsible eater because I can eat a lot more. I am probably even on the looser side of restriction even. I can eat without too much chewing and I can eat relatively fast. I can drink while I eat... but I still have the gurgle when I eat yogurt in the morning.

At this point I am just going to roll with it and make the weight loss happen. Looking back I did my most excellent losing when I had ZERO restriction (granted that was the first 6 months after surgery and I was committed to the extreme).

Happy Saturday!


Sandy Lee said...

I too learned that the mushie food wasn't a way of life. Life really is about real food. Glad it is back in life.

You reminded me of something my DH did when he was trying to up his protein (he is thin but works at it!). He told me he had made a protein shake and saw a chicken breast in the fridge so decided to add it to the blender. His words were "I drank it, but it was god-awful". Now I would have just poured it down the drain. If we can't enjoy the little bits of food that we can actually eat, why eat it. Lesson learned.

I hope this kick-starts your weight loss moving downward. I agree, being too tight isn't fun nor does it ever result in better weightloss. Have a great weekend.

CeeJay said...

Awesome insight. I think sometimes we think, the tighter the better, but it isn't true. Still comes down to choices. Thanks for sharing your experience so we can all learn from it! :)