Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quit Playing Games With My Pouch

I am getting so tired of my strange restriction. This morning I am stuck on yogurt. I am dying here.... the worst back pain ever. I am also menstrual which does make a huge difference on band tightness... but I am WAY too tight this morning. I finally decided to schedule an appointment for an unfill. I couldn't get in until the 20th, they asked if it was an emergency, which it isn't.

Normally I can get down mushies in the morning and at lunch time but still can struggle at dinner. Some days I can eat solids for lunch and dinner. However, I have started having heartburn occasionally and think that eating the way I have been is not helping my weight loss. I want to be able to eat good solid proteins again. I am thinking a small unfill will make a big difference. Looks like I am doing liquids for breakfast and lunch this week.


Leslie said...

Your blog title made me laugh out loud when I read it!

I have weird restriction too, sometimes I can barely eat yogurt and get stuck on it and other times I can eat mini cheeseburgers with no problem at all. Like this morning I had cottage cheese for breakfast and got stuck on it. Cottage Cheese! Pffft. It is so frustrating.

tessierose said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hate the fickleness of restriction! Oy!

Sarah G said...

My Obi has been strangely fickle this week too. I got stuck on oatmeal. wth? Must be PMS on my part. Hoping it gets better for both of us. :)