Friday, January 28, 2011

Weigh In

So, Amy W posted a post about fighting the scale to get and stay below 170. It is funny, because I am having a very similar struggle. Her and I are the same height and right now, about the same weight. When I read her post I was pretty sure she had snuck into my mind and stolen it.

I have spent months bouncing between the low 170s and high 160s. I just can't seem to stay in the 160s and keep the momentum going. It is frustrating... it is anger inducing. However, I am working really hard to do. So the past couple weeks I have committed 150% to getting the weight off. I really want to hit my goal by summer. I have been doing hardcore cardio, counting my calories and protein, and working on sculpting. So, what does the scale say... anything from 171-169.

I know all the rational reasons for this, and I know the weight loss is coming. But man, it can be so frustrating! This morning I weighed in at 168.8 lbs. I lost a whole .2 lbs from last week. At least the scale is moving in the right direction.

I know there are lots of us struggling with that number on the scale right now, but like many have said... it is just a number and we will do it.

Have a great weekend all!


Amy W. said...

I am not even kidding you, hand to God, I weighed in this morning at 168.8 also!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP! So clearly, it is you who I will now blame for my lack of scale movement. On the other hand, if you lose and I don't...I may jump off a bridge.


So I ate bacon and an ice cream sandwich for breakfast.


Sandy Lee said...

I've been at 168.4 to 173 for five months now. It goes down and then up. I think my fill is finally kicking in. I can't eat as much so am hoping my weight goes down soon. I do remember a long time being at 170 for years. Makes one wonder if there really is a set point. But we will all keep trying and see where it goes. But I didn't have the bacon ice cream sandwich. Whoops, forgot the "and".

Gen said...

Sigh. If I could ever get out of the 180s....Its coming, I know it! But at this point I would give anything to be 168 to 173!

For me its all about the right restriction. I did not have it for months. Now that I have it, I'm terrified of losing it again!

Good luck, keep up the hard work and I know you will get there!