Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 15 Weigh In

Another great week for weight loss.  I lost 3 lbs this week!  I not only made it to the 50 lb down mark, I passed it with a bonus lb. I have also officially lost 50% of my excess weight (63% from my highest)!!  I have to admit, sometimes it is so hard to make good choices.  I have to tell myself over and over that it isn't worth it, I can have ______ some other time, I will be happy I didn't eat it when I step on the scale.  I love food, that will never change.

The weather is beautiful here and I have been enjoying walks with my dog.  It is amazing how much better I feel when the sun is out.  I think I am also more likely to make better food choices when the weather is nice.  I don't look for comfort as much.

Happy Friday, Keep fighting the good fight!


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Whoop whoop!

Sheila said...

Congrats on your loss!

P.S. - I'm your newest follower.