Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BIG fill... or at least it seemed like it

So, I went in this morning to have my fill done under fluoroscope. It was awesome. This is the first successful fill I have had (except for the one done during my revision surgery). The doctor didn't even need to use the x-ray to find my port. One stick and he was in. He filled me super full had me drink the barium and then started removing fluid until the barium went down at a good pace. It was so cool to watch.

I am really helping this is going to get me back on the straight and narrow for good... or at least mostly good. I am on liquids today so I can't really tell much yet. The liquid, thank god, is going down easy. On a side note, I am totally afraid of getting the "so tight I can't swallow my spit" problem.

I am feeling really positive about this fill and ate great yesterday. Dare I say it, I think I am back on track!


Amy W. said...

Say it girl, you say it. YOU ARE BACK ON TRACK!

Gen said...

Right on! Let's hear it for big fills. Back on track!