Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is official... No restriction

So, I had a turkey burger on a bottom bun last night without chewing very good. No issues. Like I said before, I am not really disappointed in this. I have enjoyed my journey and have learned to rely on myself for now. Though I know I won't be able to do that forever, that was why I had the surgery.

I have had a very successful eating week so far and have consistently worked out everyday. I have been running and do the step aerobics. I feel so much better when I am on track but also know this is the calm before the storm. Next week starts "eating madness". Monday I have a department lunch (I am the only person in my entire library who works in two departments both adult and teen services). Wednesday I have my other department lunch, Thursday I have a brunch, Friday X-Mas with husbands fam, and Sunday X-mas with my fam. Yikes. I wonder how much I can gain in one week?!

I do plan on indulging, within reason. I will eat what I want, just watch my portions. I do think my fill has made a difference in the amount I can eat, at least slightly. I don't think I can pack it down like I could before this fill, but I don't plan on trying either.

I will, without doubt, be strict about exercise all next week. No messing around there! That seems to be my saving grace in all this. What plan of attack will you all be using during the next holidays weeks?


susieq4givn said...

I'm there with you. I have had two fills, along with complications of course...the last fill was supposed to be "generous"...I sure can't tell, and it was a week ago today. It's frustrating. My surgery was 9 weeks ago now...and I am doing all this on my own, without the band it seems. and now because of my 2nd sugery, I won't be able to get another fill probably for awhile, and I can't exercise yet. :( guess we can hang in there and hopefully soon we will get some help from our band.

CeeJay said...

Just keep working towards your goals, like you said, everything within reason. You'll do just fine!

Debi said...

My first fill isn't until the 28th, so I will be eating Christmas dinner without any restriction.

I plan on eating whatever I want within reason, & not beat myself up over eating what I want.

Amy said...

I gave myself two days to semi-indulge. That's my strategy. One was yesterday - I had a serving of potato chips, two cookies, and a very small slice of cake at my company's party. My other indulgence day is Christmas day. That's it. I figured if I let myself indulge twice, I'd be less likely to graze my way through the holidays, since I've not yet had a fill.

Congrats, you are doing soooo well!


Ash said...

I'm right there with you! I've had one fill and have no restriction. I do believe that I am eating a little less than I normally would, but I get hungry a lot.

My plan of attack is to have a little taste of everything the day of Christmas. I don't plan to pig out or anything. Good luck with the holidays!