Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday and working are a sucky combination!

It is Saturday, and I have to work. Unfortunately, working in a library means you work weekends. Right now I work every other Saturday, however our budget was cut massively which means more hours with less people. Starting in January I will also have to work one Sunday a month. It is so hard to be inspired while I am working on the weekends.

I am also really hungry today and craving junk food. I really want chocolate. There is chocolate all over the back offices and I have to keep myself in check from eating all of it. I really do need a good fill. I am finding that I am hungry all the time and don't stay full long. It is hard to stay motivated and make good choices when you are always hungry. One week from Tuesday I will be getting my "super" fill so hopefully that will bring good restriction.

I was off yesterday and spent a good 4 hours at the dentist. I have some periodontal issues so usually about once a year I have to go in for two major appointments. My next one is Tuesday and hopefully that is it for a while. I was able to pretty much finish up my Christmas shopping. What a relief! I don't enjoy Christmas shopping, it stresses me out and is expensive! I can't believe Christmas is only 20 days away! I really really hope I can get under the 200 mark by then. I just need to stay away from the junk!

Have a good weekend!

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Debi said...

I agree, working on the weekends are the pits! You want to be out enjoying the weekend like everyone else! Don't worry, I am sure that you will lose that last little bit by Christmas!!