Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why are all my weekends "bad eating" weekends?!

Lately every weekend has been one full of bad eating. Mostly me, allowing myself to make bad choices. I am not really getting down on myself in this post. I am aware when I am making these choices, and I could just say no. But I don't, first off, Friday nights dinner was high cal and high fat. I was lazy and ate the easiest thing I could find after getting home late. Then the whole taco bell thing yesterday, and then dinner with the friends. I ate mac and cheese, enchilada, corn bread, black bean soup, and lots of wine.

My biggest problem is my zero restriction. I go in Tuesday to have that taken care of and hopefully that will stop the eat too much part. Today started out good but I was so starving before dinner that I ate some chips and salsa and yeah.. some Godiva cookies. I worked for Godiva for many years while doing both my under grad and graduate degree. I love Godiva. Strangely.. I was also able to manage a reasonable weight (170 was my high) while working there.

Anyway, I was promising myself I would get back on track 100% today.. but no go. I was feeling really blue all day and those cookies did make me feel better. I did, as I try to do everyday, work out. I did an hour of step aerobics and some toning. I do feel good about that. At least when I am eating bad I am maintaining an exercise routine. I would never have done that before.

Part of the issue with my bad eating is that I do it and I still lose weight that week. Granted my numbers have been lower but the weight is still coming off. It sort of reinforces my bad behavior. I guess the real point is, is that I do keep working at it. It may be two steps forward and one step back, but I am still one step ahead. Here's hoping this new week will be full of good decisions and great restriction!


Debi said...

I hear you sister! If my DH wasn't helping to keep me on track, I would definitely eat things I shouldn't more often!

Happy Holidays

Amy said...

On the one hand, I know it's not good to be 'cheating'. On the other, you are still losing AND exercising. If you are okay with losing slowly, then so be it. Everyone has to decide what their journey is going to look like. Some people's journey is exercise-free, some people's is chocolate-free, and some people's is a bit slower but with indulgences along the way. Sounds to me like you are doing FINE. Hang in there, restriction is around the corner!


meandmygizmo said...

weekends are my weakend...I need to journal honestly when I'm off work to keep myself on track....that will be a goal of mine! ;-)

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

We are currently in the middle of the biggest eating holiday of the year and it's almost over! The very fact that you are aware of these choices is a step in the right direction. Forgive yourself and try to do better!

Colleen said...

One step forward is a great place to be....I think you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

I don't even really like chocolate, but I betcha Godiva could make me LOVE it. I've given it to my mom (a MAJOR) chocaholic and she loves it!