Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saw the doctor today, and thanks for all your good thoughts!

I saw my doctor this morning. Of course, this morning my incision looked the best it has and wasn't sore. He said it is for sure not infected and that it looked like the stitches were just making it harder for it to heal. I had dissolvable stitches but for some reason they have been really slow to actually dissolve. The doctor opened up both ends of the incision and fished out the knots from the stitches and cut those off. He said that should help things along.

Sadly, he wasn't able to give me a fill. He didn't want to poke around in there when it is still so raw and sore. He did however schedule me for my next fill under fluoro. He is going to give me a big ole fill next time. He will fill me until I have restriction and we will do a couple barium tests. I can't have that for a month though. That means I will have to rely on will power to get me through the holidays! Scary!!

He was very pleased with my weight loss and couldn't believe I have no restriction. I was down another .8 lbs and I am very excited about that. That makes for a total loss of 47lbs in exactly 3 months (well 3 months tomorrow). I usually weigh a couple pounds heavier on his scale. I am looking forward to weighing in Friday and hopefully it will be a nice small number. I would love to get under 210.

Thanks for all your positive replies to my posts. I really thought I would be having another surgery. I feel so much better after my visit with the doctor. Thanks again for all being such great friends and a great support!


Kinzie said...

Awesome news! Now you just have to hang in there a little longer for that fill, but it beats the worse scenario you thought might happen.

The Dash! said...

47 pounds in three months is an awesome start considering you have been mostly doing it on your own.
I'm glad that the site isn't infected but it still sounds a bit awful. Must be a relief though to have seen the doc and have him look at it. Hope it heals quickly so you are ready for that new fill!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you didn't need to have anything opened or drained. You are just one of those people whose body does not want to dissolve those sutures...it will just take time. Good news about the fill though, you are doing great!