Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Oi!

Back to work after my nice long holiday weekend. I always feel sort of bummed out to have to go back to work after having some time off. I really like my job, but I also really like my time off. I am also back at the good eating, though that wasn't easy either. All I can think about it all the delicious things I ate while I was celebrating the holiday weekend. It was soooo good but soooooo bad for me.

My incision is still looking really shady. The doctor told me to put hot compresses on it a few times a day. I have been doing that all weekend. Saturday night another little hole opened up towards the middle of the incision. It looked weird so I gently picked at it (I know, not a good idea). Well out came a good inch or more of stitches with a big ole stitch knot. It is still attached and hurts if I pull on it. I called the doctor and he said to leave it until he can look at it tomorrow. I can't wait to go in. I just want him to tell me something is wrong and how to fix. I was so looking forward to my next fill but I am sure there is no way he will give me one with the current situation, and that is fine.

Wednesday is my three month bandiversary and I have only had one fill to date. I am proud of the weight loss I have had despite the set backs. I am still thankful for my band. I just wish it would start earning it's keep!


The Dash! said...

Ooooh that does NOT sound good. Glad you're in to see the doc today - sounds like the stitching is infected.

Kinzie said...

Hoping for the best. Let us know what he says. Hang in there.