Thursday, November 12, 2009

The weekend, to dread or not to dread?!

First of all, I am posting a picture of one of our adorable cats (we have four). This is Vito.
I am already nervous about the weekend. First tomorrow, we have a staff inservice and will have lunch catered. I can never trust myself in these situations. Being that I have no restriction and an appetite of a wild mongoose I just don't know how I will handle the situation when it comes. I believe we are having soups, and salads, and hummus and pita. It sounds reasonable... it even sounds like good options, but it is still scary. We will also have a reception for the longevity awards, this will include cake, brownies, pie, ect.

Saturday we are hosting a dinner party for three other couples. This is something we do monthly with our friends, however we take turns hosting. It is always themed and since it is November we are doing a Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, cheesecake, and lots and lots of alcohol. I usually don't stress too much about eating at these get-togethers. I allow myself to splurge and enjoy the company.

Sunday we are going out to eat my my husbands family for my father-in-laws birthday. We will then follow-up with dessert at someones house. So much going on, so much to navigate. I am sure it will be fine but eating still stresses me out. I can't wait to get some restriction.

On the flip side a co-worker told me "I am becoming a shadow of my former self". What a great compliment!

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