Monday, November 16, 2009


My weekend was an eating disaster, and by disaster I mean complete and total out of control eating mayhem. I am so looking forward to a weekend with NO plans so that I can eat really good and get myself under control again. I realized this weekend that I pretty much have zero self control again. I have done pretty great for the first 10 weeks but my will power is quickly dissipating.

I did continue to work out even with the bad eating, that is something I would have never done before the band. I would have just given in to the," this weekend is already screwed" state of mind. I even worked out twice as long so I was able to feel good about that.

The thing is my weekends have been bad for the past few weeks and I have continued to have really good weight loss. I think this has lead me to continue to push the limits. I tell myself, "well I lost 3+ lbs last week and ate whatever I wanted on Saturday and Sunday so what if I eat whatever I want Friday-Sunday it can't be that much worse right?" It scares me that I walking a slippery slope and that I will not be able to rein myself in.

I packed a good lunch today, had breakfast already, and plan to get in all my water, and a good workout. I am hoping for better days ahead!


Amy W. said...

Oh yes...well it happens to the best of us! It is all about figuring ourselves out, why we eat, WHEN we overeat...congrats on the 3 pounds even with too much food on the weekends! And also thumbs up for working out even though the food choices were not the best!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Prior to being banded, a bad weekend like you just had would be enough to throw in the towel and just quit. End up gaining back everything I lost and more. The fact that we keep picking ourselves up and moving forward is what will help us to reach our goals. You DIDN'T GIVE UP! Forgive yourself and get back on track!