Sunday, November 1, 2009

All I want is a fill!

I went in on Friday to the hospital at the crack of dawn. I had to be there at 8 (it is about an hour drive and traffic is bad so I left around 6:30). I got in to radiology quickly and Dr. Katz was there shortly after. He had trouble accessing my port in his office so he scheduled me for my fill under fluoro. I figured no problem... he will get in and out quickly and I will go on with my day.

I could see the screen and was watching each attempt to access my port.... 10 in total. I could see the port shifting each time he got close. After the tenth time, Dr. Katz looks at me and say," Anna, it looks like your port has flipped on its side, I can't get to it, do you understand what I am saying?." Of course I know what he is saying. I need a port repair. So, he scheduled me for surgery next Friday. Are you freak'n kidding me?! Eight weeks out and already another surgery.

I am told it isn't a very invasive procedure. He will just re-open my incision and tack the port back to where it should be. I am very disappointed though. To add to all this, my parents were in town. They are a bad influence. I spent a good part of the weekend eating crap. I was angry about my port and threw caution to the wind.

I weighed myself today and I haven't gained an ounce but still... I did myself no favors. I need to get back on track today, work-out, eat good. I have come so far on my own, I can continue a little while longer.

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LackyBand said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that! I can't imagine how you feel right now :( My port is tilted and was hell to get to, but I'm lucky... I got there in the end! All the best for your surgery. Take care xox