Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks for the good vibes!

Thanks to all who commented to give me encouragement. I am feeling a little better today. My incision is still really sore and still red. It does look better and it seems to be getting smaller. Unfortunately the superhuman dose of antibiotics are taking their toll on me stomach. I get so dizzy and nauseous. Just in time for the holidays! Maybe that will keep me from eating too much!

My sister and her family are coming to stay with us tonight-Saturday. I am looking forward to it, but it is a huge lifestyle change for us because my sister and brother-in-law have 3 kids. They are energetic and loud and crazy. They are also a lot of fun. I am sure by Saturday I will need a LONG nap. We are also planning on doing some black Friday shopping. We are considering starting at midnight tomorrow and keep on going. My sister is pretty hardcore, I hope I can keep up.

I have a feeling I won't make my 3 lbs goal this week. I haven't been exercising or really watching what I am eating. We will see tomorrow!

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