Sunday, November 8, 2009

Before And After

259 Before
220 After
259 Before

220 After

This weekend has been an eating disaster. I have no change in my restriction after my first fill and I had a crazy weekend. First last night we had dinner with some friends. I drank a lot of wine and ate way more then I should of.

Tonight we had my belated birthday/brother-in-laws birthday celebration and again ate way too much... including cake. I feel guilty and just feel bummed that I haven't gotten more comments on my weightloss. It is 39 freak'n pounds! That is almost 40 lbs and no one seems to be noticing. So, even though I said I wouldn't do any after shots until I hit 50 lbs, I wanted to see progress so I did them.

I can tell a big difference and that made me feel so much better! Here's to getting back on the wagon tomorrow. I plan to start my day off with a 3 mile walk at 6 am.


Dinnerland said...

Sounds like you've been through alot... I hope things go much better from here relative to the port revision. Great news on your weight loss so far, you are looking terrific!!

Gen said...

Whoa! Huge difference, you are looking great. Try not to sweat the bad eating episodes, it sure did happen to me until my second fill! No one has said anything about my weight loss either (27 lbs), but whatever...I can tell!

Keep going, you are doing great.

Suzi said...

You look wonderful! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to me :)