Thursday, July 8, 2010

Had that fill... the numbers aren't adding up... or are they?

Okay, so today I went in for my fill. Dr. Katz gave me 1.5 cc fill. I am on liquids today so I am not sure about the level of tightness but the water was slower to go down this time. I still don't think I am at my sweet spot but I feel like I am getting closer.... again. So the weird thing is... I am now at 6 ccs. When I had a complete unfill a month and a half ago I was at 5.5 ccs (or so my Dr. thought) and I was at perfect fill level... anymore would have put me over the edge. So I can already tell that at 6 ccs I do not feel as tight as I did when I got that final fill to bring me up to 5.5 ccs.

I don't understand... I haven't lost much weight if any. My best guess is that he didn't really pay that much attention when he took the fill out... in fact, I am betting he just guessed. He is not a huge fan of keeping track of the actual number... and I was unfilled at an emergency appointment and I don't even think he wrote it down. So... what is my magical number I wonder?!

I couldn't get another fill appointment until August 5th which is exactly one month from today. I am going out town a couple of times in the next month, both of which were his next available appointments. I do usually get tighter about one week after a fill. I am hoping at that one week point I will a decent and tolerable amount of restriction... isn't that all we ever wish for?!

Happy Thursday, one more day until the weekend!


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I had an emergency unfill and when I went for my next appt, the NP said although it was noted in my hospital paperwork, he had not written anything down in my chart. Just be careful since your levels are unclear :)

Nella said...

Take it slow...I know it sucks but you will get there!

Barbara said...

Hmm.. interesting .. sometimes I think my doc makes it up.. either that or the stuff evaporates..

SuperMegaAnna said...

Barbara... I am pretty sure my Dr just makes it up. I love him, but numbers just don't seem important to him (however they are to me :))

Anonymous said...
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