Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday brings a better day.. right?!

So, I am over my little cranky bitchfest last night. My husband apologized and I realized I was being over sensitive. I have been stressed lately and yesterday I just seemed to fall apart. I feel better today and even saw a small loss on the scale (.6 lbs but that is still a loss right). I did however, have a horrific pb again today. I ate lunch before I left for work at noon. I started eating early enough so I would have a half an hour to slowly enjoy my lunch. Everything was fine when I left the house. I was planning on eating a sugar free pudding because I wanted something sweet but didn't have time so I ate it when I got to work.

I got to work, sat down and started going through email and ect. I slowly ate my pudding and about half way through I realized there was a problem. I threw my pudding away and thought it would pass. I had to be on the reference desk at 1 and realized right about that time I was not okay. I was sliming really bad so I went to the bathroom but just mostly slimed. I knew there was more to come. I started walking to the reference desk and realized I was in trouble. I ran back to the bathroom.. more slime. I thought it would pass so I went to the desk. I was there for about 5 minutes and knew I need to get someone to cover for me so I didn't have to keep running back and forth.

I went out to my car (my usual puke plan because it is just too weird when my co-workers are walking in and out of the bathroom) and proceeded to puke pudding 3 times. Now, I am wondering... I kind of struggle with my pbs. I am jealous of those of you who just open your mouth and out the stuck thing comes. It usually takes me multiple pbs to get unstuck.

Anyway, another lesson learned. I guess eating pudding after a meal is alot like drinking. At least it had the same effect for me.

Only tomorrow and a half day left for me to work this week... then I have a few days off! Woohoo!


Amy said...

I had the same problem one night with ice cream. Dinner went down fine, went out for ice cream, and not so good. Had to pull over on the way home and PB in front of poor DH. I think he is scarred for life. :)

Hang in there - glad the scale is moving and your mood is improving. I have to say it again, LOVE the new pic! You are certainly a stunning woman!

SuperMegaAnna said...

You are such a sweetie Amy! Thanks for the compliments!

Sandy Lee said...

I react the same as you. In fact I'm writing a post for tomorrow about sliming and PBs. I had a problem 3 hours ago with applesauce-WTF? Was scanning some e-mails as I ate about 4 spoonfuls and Bam! Stuck and sliming for an hour. And I am still feeling it. I still haven't figured out why it happens. And I hate it so much.

Nella said...

PUDDING? APPLESAUCE? ICE CREAM? They are supposed to be sliders...I guess every body is different! Lately the stress has cause me to have even more restriction!

Barbara said...

Boy I never heard of PBing on pudding.. now that would scare me too.. I usually wind up pbing when I eat like a horse and woof things downs..