Saturday, July 17, 2010

Worst stuck EVER!

I am working today... boo hiss... and I brought a frozen meal for lunch. It is some pasta and chicken thing. I do not have issues with pasta ever. I even kind of feel like it is a slider for me. I am also much much tighter at lunch then I am at dinner. So... I make my little frozen entree and start eating. I get about half way done with it and *WHAM* stuck. I am eating lunch with a couple of co-workers/friends and they know all about my band. I try to fight down the slime but it is BAD. So I get up go to the bathroom and slime and slime and slime.

I think I feel better so I go back and sit with my co-workers. At this point I am still hoping maybe I can eat the rest of my lunch (I am still hungry). So I sit and wait... start sliming again... go the bathroom and big time PB. The stuck chicken comes back up. I feel better right away. So I wait a few minutes and decide to just eat the pasta. One bite... stuck. I start sliming right away, am hurting bad... back to the bathroom.... tons of slime and pbing but not feeling any better. This goes on for an hour! I finally drive to the store to get some papaya enzymes. I take 9 of those and start to feel better.

Finally at 3:45 I try to eat the yogurt I brought with me for a snack. It went down... no pb.. I feel better. Looks like mushies for dinner.

What did I learn from this:
~Do not EVER eat frozen meals with meat.. it is too tough
~Do not try to eat regular foods again after a pb.. go easy
~Papaya seems to actually help.. take it as soon as stuck
~I am much tighter at lunch then at dinner

Ugh... what a miserable way to spend a couple hours at work! Anyway, no other real weekend plans. Hope you all are enjoying your weekends!


Dinnerland said...

Important breakthroughs in terms of learning.. it seems an endless process, but eventually, I have a feeling these lessons will be ingrained.

Anonymous said...


THE DASH! said...

Oh boy, have I been there before - the issue with me was sausage and though I cut it into the smallest pieces possible it still got me in the end. Nasty. I'm so glad you got through it ok. It's just another lesson learned, huh? x

Lap Band Gal said...

hang in there...PS love your new profile pic :)