Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's different this time?

Are there some collar bones starting to show...maybe!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what is different this time around with my weight loss. Obviously, this is the first time I have lost weight after weight loss surgery. But, there are so many things that feel different this time around.

For one thing... I know I am going to succeed. Some mornings I wake up feeling like this weight will never be gone, but most of the time I feel good about how far I have come and know that even if it takes a couple years.... my excess weight will be gone.

I also feel like, for the most part, I have really committed to changing my lifestyle. There are some things (exercise) that I will probably always be fighting but I know I will always keep trying. Which brings me to trying... I keep on trying. Even if I have a couple or few or even a month of sub par eating, I eventually get back to it. Sure I could have lost a lot more weight by this point if I had been on track 100% but I have lost a great deal of weight living the life I can continue living forever.

I have a huge support system. Mostly being all of you bloggers and followers. My husband and family is also very supportive but they just can't relate. Seeing all you folks who are going through the same struggles and understand exactly what this experience is like makes a big difference.

And of course my band is here to help me... I could not do this without my band. Speaking of my band.. my restriction seems to be pretty good these days. I am filling up much faster and am really limited with portions... however, I am not staying full as long as I would like. I probably still need a small tweak to get me to that "ideal" restriction but I am so happy for what I have.

Happy Tuesday!


tessierose said...

You look amazing, love the hair!

Nella said...

You look gorgeous! Love the collar bones and most definitely a great post! You will get there...YOU WILL!

Alexis said...

Amen. I feel exactly the same way as you about my journey so far as well.

You look beautiful!

susieq4givn said...

You look AMAZING! Sooo skinny! I love your hair, both the style and the cut! and I love that color of purple on you!

Sandy Lee said...

I have to agree too. You look amazing and I love your hair. Gotta change that profile pic soon, although then we wouldn't recognize your blog!

Amy said...

Seriously, you look amazing!

I gotta tell you, use this as your profile pic. FOR SURE!

THE DASH! said...

Wow you look fantastic. You should always wear that colour, too. And yep, I saw collar bones!!

Lady Lap Band said...

I could have almost written that exact same post because I have all those feelings as well!

I wish I could be on track 100% of the time but that really just isn't realistic. I am with you, even if it takes to years for once I am confident I will get there -- and more importantly stay there with the help of the band!


carla said...

I see collar bones and you look fab!!!