Monday, April 19, 2010

Amazing Mother Of All Glory...

I have hit that sweet sweet spot! I have waited so long... I have dreamt about it and fantasized about the day we would meet. I have hoped and prayed, and it is finally here. This is so amazing... and it only took me 7 months! I am rarely hungry, fill up after only a few bites and stay full (not quite for 4 hours but I will take it). I am learning how to eat all over again. I have pbed a few times over the weekend and slimed a LOT! But it is all so so worth it.

My weekend was so nice, we had dinner with friends on Saturday and visited my husbands grandma yesterday. We also had lots of down time to just relax. The weather was terrible... very cold. However, today we are back to the mid 60's and it is wonderful! I ate less then awesome but with my new restriction I really can't sneak too much crap in. So, even though I didn't eat all that great and drank a ton of wine I didn't gain an ounce. I am hoping to get another few pounds off this week (or 5).

In other news, I will be going to Chicago in September and can't wait to meet everyone. We aren't very far (about a 3 hour drive) and my husband and I are going to drive there and continue on to visit some family in the Chicago area. My husband says you will all make fun of me for bringing the "ole ball and chair". But I think you are nicer then that! I am hoping to be 100 lbs down by that time. It will be a true celebration!

Happy Monday!


Sandy Lee said...

You'll have to tell hubby he has to wear a dress. Don't worry, we will just make fun of him (but not you!). I haven't even told my hubby as he is away.

Alexis said...

It's so nice when you finally get some good restriction going on! It finally makes everything seem all worth it :)

How exciting that you are going to Chicago! Your hubby will have fun with all the girls!

Amy W. said...

Shut.Your.Mouth! You are coming to Chicago!!!!!

I get to meet you!!!!!!


Nella said...

How many cc's???
You look great!

SuperMegaAnna said...

I am not sure how many cc's. My surgeon did one of my fills in surgery and forgot to write down how much. I keep asking him to pull it all out before he fills and he (and I) forgeting until it is to late. I am guessing I am around 7.5 though from our calculations... and I have a 10 cc band.

amandakiska said...


-Grace- said...

Excited to meet you in Chicago!!!

Congrats on hitting the Sweet Spot! Keep up the good work :)