Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exciting, Thrilling, Amazing.... Library Conference

I am heading out tomorrow morning for a three day library conference. Thought these conferences can be somewhat interesting and enjoyable... I am dreading going to this one. I am not sure why.. I think it has to do with the stressful work situation and the horrible communication at my place of employment. It makes it really hard to be positive about work lately. I am also worried about the eating while away from home. I hope I can make good choices and come home a couple lbs lighter, not heavier.

On another note... I ate lunch before I left for work today. It didn't go down well and was a bit stuck. I sat around for 10 minutes or so trying to decide if I should leave or if it was going to come back up. I decided it was okay and left. Ten minutes after I left my house I had to pull over and find something to PB into. Not pleasant... but I survived..

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

THE DASH! said...

Ouch - done one of those PB's before. They suck.

Have fun at the library conference. Sounds like it might be okay :)