Thursday, April 29, 2010

Step Aerobics- So We Meet Again!

I don't go into work until after noon on Tuesday and Thursday so I decided today was a perfect day to start getting in some exercise. I was feeling lazy and just wanted to lay on the couch with the dog. I watched my DVRed episode of Ruby (guilty pleasure) and actually got some motivation. I am not sure if it was Ruby or the fact that my dog was snoring which snapped me back to reality.

I got up and did an hour of my favorite step aerobics dvd. I felt good after, I forgot how good that feels. I am still planning on taking the pole dancing class... I even found a studio a couple miles from my house (Amy my ultimate goal is to get my own pole so I can practice anytime I want).

So... I decided to get ready for work early so I could try on some of my stockpiled "too small" clothes I have in bins in the closet. I got out 5 pairs of cropped pants and started trying them on. They were mostly 16s but there was a pair or two of 14s. The 16s were all way too big.. and the 14s just fit. I was bummed I had missed my window to wear those clothes but totally okay with the fact that they were too big.

Bad news... I need new clothes!!


Nella said...


amandakiska said...

That is the BEST bad news of all!

Yana said...

Ha, I totally know what you mean - I had a bunch of clothes that were too tight that I was so excited to wear - and I missed them all - when I tried them on, they were too big. I'm now on the hunt for 16Ws and 18s, and all my 18Ws are HOOOOGE. I'm putting up a sisterhood post, hopefully tonight!!!

Oh, and my bras are all hooge! My bubbies are swimming in the cups!

Linda said...

Girl, you and me both. Want to go shopping. I have NO summer clothes and it's supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend. Good job on the workout!

Girl Bandit said...

Great news but sorry you need more...if I was closser I could maybe of helped out. I have a whole wardrobe in each good to get into some of my better clothes