Monday, April 5, 2010

Yikes Easter

Wow... Easter was an eating disaster! Prime rib, twice baked potato, roasted veggies, broccoli bacon salad, cheese, 2 pieces of pie (small but still). I ate so bad yesterday! Of course I couldn't eat large quantities of anything but I still ate everything. However, this morning I threw all the leftovers down the garbage disposal. I may have wasted lovely delicious food but we don't need it in our house. Instead I defrosted some shrimp for dinner tonight and brought a good healthy lunch to work.

I did not get on the scale this morning. Too scary!

Welcome back to the work week!


Jennifer said...

Hi Anna! Happy Monday to you.
Great job throwing out the leftovers, I have to do that too.
My eating wasn't so great either - we both need to drink our water today. :)

Band-Babe said...

I know I'm warped... but that's exactly how I use my band! I eat a little bit of everything, and anything that is a real threat... I get rid of and don't feel guilty about that. Better down the disposal than in my adipose tissue.

Sandy Lee said...

But at least you used the real garbage disposal and not the one attached to your body (mouth) to get rid of the extras. That must count for something. Great going.