Thursday, March 4, 2010

I keep following the rules

And good things seem to be happening. I was down to 196 this morning! This puts me at a total of 63 lbs lost! So exciting. I am hoping to get another 2 lbs off by next Tuesday. That means 4 days to shake 2 lbs. Yikes... I hope I can do it!

My doctor had wanted me to lose 10 by the next time I saw him (he told me this nearly a month ago) so if I can drop 2 more, I would be down 6. I would be VERY happy with that. The hardest part of this is still to come... the weekend. I have a very hard time eating well on the weekend and we have a birthday party Saturday.

The weather is much nicer here lately and that has really helped me stay on track. I want to look good for the summer and seeing it get closer each day keeps me facing reality.

Only one more day until the weekend!! Wohoo!


Band Groupie said...

Congrats on the WL! Loved your 6 month post and the new shoes! You're looking great! You're right, it's a lifetime of getting healthy and enjoying food in the right way, it's not a race or deprivation! Love it!

Jennifer said...

Way to go!!

Lisa said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!! Great job. :)