Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's A Working Weekend & Thanks for Following

First and foremost, I want to, again, thank all my followers who post (and don't post) and support me through my journey. I really couldn't do it with out all of you. Yesterday when I was making poor food choices (read on for details) I thought about all my followers and knew I would have to confess. You are the people who keep me on track, and even when I get off track, you guys get me back on. I could not do this without you. So Thank You! Now on with my regularly scheduled post....

It's Saturday, and I am working. I work tomorrow too. I was off Thursday and Friday this week. Thursday the weather was SO beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it. Yesterday I was in a funk because I know I won't have another day off until a week from today. I know I will survive but with all the stress at work lately I just feel burnt out. I had a REALLY bad eating day yesterday. I wanted food to make me feel better and I may or may not have eaten 2 pints of ice cream. I am not proud of my behavior... but I am not beating myself up about it either.

I am back on track today and will continue with my band rules. I do have pretty good restriction and as long as I eat carefully and do protein first this fill is working just the way it should. I have found I can only eat chicken when it is cold. It doesn't matter if it is white meat or dark meat but as long as it is cold I can get it down. If I heat it up, I am in big trouble.

As my lunch is almost over, I better get back to work! Happy Weekend all!

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BanderificBeauty said...

Good job on forgiving yourself and moving on! I have learned through the many years in the dieting world that giving yourself a treat every now and then helps you stay on track better. I am trying to learn to forgive myself a little more. Changing from diet to liveit is a big difference. *hugs*