Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Moring, Day Light Savings Time, and Ugh

So, I worked all weekend and Saturday night we had to turn our clocks ahead an hour. This is always a really hard time of year for me. I am one of those people who really needs to get a good amount of sleep or I just don't function well. I was lucky enough to have my work weekend fall on this weekend. I am so tired this morning. I try not to drink coffee and stay away from caffeine but this morning I had to give in. I mixed my fat free hot cocoa mix with half decaf and half regular coffee and a couple tablespoons of skinny vanilla creamer. It was delicious and I am hoping it will get me through the morning.

This week may seem like the longest week of my life because I don't have another day off until Saturday. I used to work retail and worked many 7,10, and even 15 day work weeks. The issue here is that work is so stressful and tense lately. Some weeks are good, some are really bad. But, I will survive, and I will continue to lose weight (which makes me happy).

On the weight loss front I am still holding steady at 195. I was not a good eater over the weekend (as you know I had the ice cream incident) so I am extremely pleased I haven't gained. I have gotten back on 100% since and should see the scale start moving sometime this week. I am really working to get in my 80 oz of water (at least). That seems to make a HUGE difference.

I am not sure what to think about my restriction. Saturday night we had pizza for dinner. I was a little scared, I didn't know if I could even get it down. We had thick doughy crust pizza with lots of toppings. I cut it up into baby size bites and was able to eat 3/4 of a piece and I was FULL. Great, that was awesome... but an hour later I was STARVING. Seriously... could have eaten my arm off. So... obviously I need another fill right? This doesn't just happen with things like pizza either. Last night I had a chicken breast with some cheese on it and green beans. I was full when I had finished my portion but was really hungry an hour later. I am already having to be really careful with what and how I eat so I am not sure if I want to be any tighter. And I guess I am wondering... if I do get another fill does that mean I will have an even harder time eating the things I am already struggling to eat or will I just stay full longer?


Amy W. said...

So this might sound like a dumb question, but were you physically hungry or head hungry? BC if you ate the chicken or the pizza, and were PHYSICALLY hungry that soon after...then yeah...i think a little baby fill might be needed.

Sorry work is so stressful and you are tired. BUT HEY! You are back on the right track with your food choices...and if you are anything like me, that will help your mood.

SuperMegaAnna said...

It is real hunger... I mean there probably is some head hunger mixed in there... but it is real hunger too. Will I have more restriction with a small fill as well as staying full longer, cause I really don't want to have more restriction... just staying power.

Amy W. said...

hahah...if we ever get drunk together I will show you my bits :)

Um...that is such a good question. Let us think. If it is filling you up then that means it is sitting in your pouch...but it must be moving through too quickly and that is why you are hungry again. I would think though that yes, it would lead to more restriction. Possibly no pizza at all kind of restriction.

carla said...

Sorry this week will be crazy.
If it is real hunger for the pizza I would say that is not a good judge because it is not solid protein but with the chicken that coule ba good indicator. Just watch and wait because even with good restriction some days I can eat more than others and just when I think I may need a fill I eat two bites and then I think ok no more fill!!

SuperMegaAnna said...

Thanks ladies... I often don't get the full "kick" of my fill until 2 weeks post fill. That would be a week from tomorrow... so it may make a difference.

I am so afraid of limiting myself too much and being overly tight. I think I could be happy with my current situation.. I will just need to be more mindful then with more fill.

My next fill isn't until April 6th so a lot could change in that time.

P.S. Amy I will hold you to that! :)