Monday, March 29, 2010

A Week Of Nightmare Eating... Check!

I have been entirely and completely out of control. I have been eating whatever and whenever I want. It has been all about mindless non-hunger induced eating. I checked out for the entire week. My dear husband was in New York with a field trip group and my mom came down to visit part of the time. My mom is a bad bad enabler. I am certain I have learned my bad eating habits from my family and when I am around them all my eating desires and indiscretions come back.

I weighed myself this morning and I was actually down a couple ounces. I was 196.2 this morning. I did plan out my entire day of eating and even put dinner in the crock pot before work this morning. I am making some delicious looking sausage and lentil stewish stuff. I will report back on it and include the recipe if it is good. Here's hoping this is a good start to a good week. I want to get to 189 before my next appointment with the surgeon which is 2 weeks from Tuesday. I think I should be able to lose 7 lbs in two weeks if I am on track 99%.

I have a library conference to attend next week for 3 days. That will be the sticky wicket. I will have to stay in control and work-out. I can do this right?!

Happy Monday!


carla said...

Yes you can....last week is over. I know how hard it is but having teh band allows us to get right back on the wagon!!! Good luck

Amy W. said...

Tracey and I went to Red Robin yesterday and got onion rings. Do you know how many calories are in onion rings from Red Robin...I was estimating 1000. Try 1800 with 117 grams of FAT! OMG!

I feel like you are going to be back on track this week! I believe in you!

DawnB said...

We all have these bumps in the road. You will get back on track :)

THE DASH! said...

New week, darl. Chin up and start again. We know you can do it.