Monday, February 22, 2010

Down with the H2o

It is Monday again and I am trying to get myself back on the weight loss track 100%. The first thing I neglect when I get lazy is my water intake. I don't enjoy drinking water, and never really have, so it is kind of a chore. So today I am back at it and trying to get in 100 oz. Easier said then done.

I am also realizing I am having a hard time eating anything before noonish. It all seems to get stuck no matter how well I chew. It is much easier as the day goes on. I am still not staying full as long as I would like but I am certainly much better off. I need to take off 10 lbs in 3 weeks... possible but no easy. I didn't do myself any favors this past week. I went out to eat every day and chose slider foods so I wouldn't have trouble in public. I was pretty much able to maintain but ugh, I am tired of maintaining.

We are getting LOTS of snow here today. It is pretty but I am ready for spring. Only 26 days left!

Happy Monday!


Amy W. said...

Hi sugarbutton! I hate water as well...and drink less of it on the weekends! Doing good today though, 80 ounces down! Hollllaaaa!

SuperMegaAnna said...

Woot Woot Amy, 80 ounces is awesome. I only have 50 in and my work day is almost over... not good!

Linda said...

I have never gotten in all my water. I've been so slow at losing lately I took in lemons to work hoping it will make me drink more.
Good luck !

Barbara said...

I actually don't mind water.. I just don't like peeing all of the time. I like the idea Linda has with the lemons.. have you tried the crystal light packets.. they have a nice pink lemonaide flavor..