Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Monday Morning all!

And welcome to my newest crew of followers. Thanks to all of you who take time out of your day to follow my journey and cheer me on. I so appreciate all the nice comments. Back to the work grind this morning. I work a kind of strange schedule this week because this is my one weekend of the month to work. So, I will work Monday-Wednesday, as usual, and then I will be off Thursday and Friday and then work Saturday and Sunday. This always messes with my eating and exercise schedule. I am hoping to keep it together this week as I am exciting about my new low number on the scale.

I will do something with the hub after I get out of work on Sunday for the big V Day. We generally don't make a big deal out of it but like to have a special meal and exchange cards. It is always kind of fun. I would guess it will be kind of quiet at the library, but I could be wrong.

A week from tomorrow I get my next fill and I can't wait! I am feeling some restriction, as I have mentioned before, but it seems to disappearing again. I also don't stay full for very long. It is only a couple hours after I eat that I start to get hungry again. I do think this next fill is going to start to make a big difference.

Happy Monday all!


Amy W. said...

Oh my little optimist. I did think of you as I stepped on the damn scale this morning. I thought...maybe Anna will be right. WELL YOU WERENT and there is only YOU to blame. hahahahah...just kidding pookie!

I love your optimism!

Hope your Monday was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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