Friday, February 19, 2010

Is this what I have been waiting for?

So, last Tuesday I had that 1 cc fill. Ever since I have been getting stuck on pretty much everything. Now I know I am not chewing well enough and am probably taking too big of bites. A friend of mine, who is also banded, told me she got stuck the most right before she got to her sweet spot. I am hoping that is the case for me. The problem is, I am still not getting any sense of full. I know I am not going to feel "FULL" but I thought I would start to get a sense of "I am satisfied physically". I asked before how I know if I am full... I don't get any pains or hiccups or burp.

And when will I know I am at my sweet spot? I am sort of struggling here because I am so hungry and I start to eat and I get stuck, so I slow down chew good and get in a couple more bites and then stuck again. Help! Do you guys having any suggestions? Honestly, I am tempted to go for the ice cream!


Gen said...

Well, I define the Sweet Spot as not being hungry all the time - not "looking for food" Sometimes it takes a little while to realize you are there. And it takes some practice to make sure your bites are small enough and well-chewed enough. (I still struggle with this!)

Give it a little time, and see if you are truly hungry or not. Try eating something semi solid, like chili or even oatmeal, and see if you stay full for a while.

Good luck - I hope this is it for you!

Leslie said...

I feel like I'm in the same place as you are right now so I'm really hoping you get some great suggestions!

I'm getting stuck all the time and I'm still not feeling well. I almost went for the ice cream tonight...

Girl Bandit said...

Firstly that would from your cyst sounds so weird. How amazing that it took a year to heal and they allowed the LB surgery with that still open. Interesting. Secondly I find that I feel full when I can kinda feel it in my chest/ throat. Weird. Hope that helps

THE DASH! said...

I'm not sure you should be sticking so much if you are in the sweet spot. For me it was when I was satisfied and rarely hungry (I actually think I'm here now.. or at least borderline.) You should be able to eat a half a cup of good food without too much trouble but mainly - it's the lack of appetite that is the best. Maybe do as Gen said: try eating something semi-solid and gauge how hungry you get and how long you stay sated for.
Have a lovely weekend x