Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worst Stuck Yet to Date

So, tonight I was getting ready for a program at work and only had 20 minutes for work. I brought myself some chicken in BBQ sauce and decided to very carefully eat it. Of course I was in a hurry and probably ate too fast. All the sudden the slime starting coming and I didn't know if I would make it to the bathroom.

I ran to the staff bathroom and thank God no one else was in there. I got down on all fours and spit and spit and thought I would bring it up. I started to see stars! I am not sure what that was about but I thought I was going to die. Oww the pain... and then it went down. So then I threw away my chicken. I was so hungry I ate a couple handful of nuts... though nuts never sit well with me. I am sitting here feeling like crap and a little stuck.

Gross... this is miserable.


Drazil said...

You poor girl. Hope you feel better!

susieq4givn said...

I'm sorry...sure hope you start feeling better!

Debi said...

I feel for you! I had my worst Stuck/PB/Slime a week ago, and I totally understand. However, I didn't have to work like you did. Ouch!!!

BanderificBeauty said...

I understand that!!!! My BF got me a crockpot as a late valentine present so to celebrate my first day of soft food I decide to have roast. It was so yummy and I was so happy. All of a sudden BAM stuck! So I slowed down a bit and had a bite of carrot and I guess them mixing started the dry heaving like a cat with a furball. I never brought anything up but whew what an experience! Im with ya girl chew chew chew slow slow slow! lol