Thursday, February 4, 2010

Victory of the Non-Scale Type and other news...

So, I happened to be at the check-out desk talking to one of the clerks today when an old co-worker game up to the desk to check out. She didn't even recognize me at first and then she went on and on about how amazing I look. It was wonderful. She is also someone who has always struggled with her weight (her husband actually lost 110 lbs on weight watchers years ago and has kept it off). She knows I had Lap Band and I often wonder if she thinks about the surgery. Anyway, she was so impressed and complimentary, it felt great.

The scale has been very stagnant this week. Even though I have an official weigh-in day (which I may discontinue and just change my ticker whenever I hit a new low) I often check my weight through-out the week. Not daily, but probably every other or so. Well, I have dropped a very small amount of weight this week... I will update you tomorrow. Maybe the scale gods will bless me over night.

So, last night my husband and I went out to eat. I am for sure starting to feel restriction and have to be careful of my choices and to chew well. I asked Jason if I never lost another pound and maintained at this weight if he thought my surgery was a success. He said yes. I have been thinking about this a lot. I am so near to 60 lbs down and really feel like a different person. I feel great in fact. I am still obese, I still have much more to lose, but I am feeling somewhat attractive and pretty healthy. My weight loss has slowed, but honestly, that has been my own fault. I haven't made great choices all the time, not even 90% of the time. I have probably made good choices 75% of the time. If I was maintaining that would be great, but no so much for losing.

Now that restriction is kicking in, I feel like good choices are so much easier to make and that my portions really are starting to be controlled. I guess my question for those of you who are experienced with restriction is: How do you know when you have eaten enough? I still don't feel like I have "soft stop" or a full signal. I know I will not feel FULL. But I need help knowing what to look for, or will I just know when I have good restriction?

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Gen said...

Great NSV!

As for knowing when to stop eating - if it is something that I know will go down easy - like oatmeal or chili - I just measure out a cup or less and eat what's there but no more. If it is something like meat, I start to feel uncomfortable and "full" up high in my chest, or sometimes I will hiccup, and that is how I know to stop.