Monday, January 4, 2010

Cookie Confessions

This is a face of a guilty woman! (Notice the sweaty armpit, this is post workout).

Okay, so today was my day to stay clean. I did pretty good all day, only eating what I brought from home and a good dinner. Shortly after dinner the doorbell rings. I hear the neighbor tell my husband, "Happy Holidays". I am thinking, "shit, please let him have given us beer, or a crafty decoration, or just a Christmas card, but PLEASE no cookies." In comes Jason with a little tin full of cookies. I immediately go into a form of delirium and eat five. Yes FIVE. 3 small gingersnaps, 1 buckeye, and a peanut butter goody.

Of course I feel guilty. I march my ass upstairs at once and jog on and off for an hour burning 440 calories... goodbye cookies.


THE DASH! said...

Hey, I have that colour nailpolish on my toes - the exact one!! lol Love it.

Damn those cookies! They sway the best of us.. but you did a workout.. so thats all good!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Good job with working off those cookies!