Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So.... Yeah.

I am clearly stress eating. I was so close to onderland and have blown my chances of making it this week. And you know the worst part... I pretty much don't care. I am tired and hungry and work is stressing me out beyond belief. My parents are in town, which is nice, but I also make bad choices when they are around.

I am going in for a fill next Tuesday and I am praying number 4 will bring me some restriction. I am struggling again and I am feeling a bit careless. I have come to the cross road where I made the decision not to care right now. Blech. Good thing I am seeing the therapist Thursday. I think there may be more to this bad eating. I think I am hitting my wall.

Better news tomorrow? Hopefully.


Debi said...

I am totally right there with you right now!!

I go in for my 2nd Fill next Monday & I am hoping for some Restriction too!!

CeeJay said...

Hang in there! We all have the ups and downs. Great that you realize that it's a mental thing--only way to fix those is to tackle them head on. You can do it!

THE DASH! said...

You poor saus - nothing worse than feeling dis-spirited! I hate that. I hope it passes soon. Can you do something nice for yourself? Just for you - it might help!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

You are a different person now than in the past. The fact that you recognize that it is head hunger proves it!