Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Monday Again.

I am back to the ole work grind and right back on track with the A+ eating. I have my whole day planned, am working on my water intake, and will work out when I get home tonight. I was also able to move my fill appointment up a week. Not the best situation,but two weeks away is WAY better then three weeks away. I am also going to attribute my crappy eating weekend to TOM. I am always starving before and craving crappy food.

I am also craving something else besides food.... a new wardrobe. All my clothes are getting too big and I feel like a big frumpster. I did buy a couple pairs of pants from ebay. I want to shop but I really don't want to spend lots of money on clothes that won't fit very long. I am off Thursday and Friday this week, because I work the weekend, so I am thinking I might do some small shopping then.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning and I am not looking forward to it. I hate going to the dentist. It seems like everything always hurts. I read what I just typed and think, "what a baby". Fills don't bother me. I dealt with the surgical pain just fine. I don't even mind going for my OBGYN appointments... but the dentist.. I HATE it. I even have a nice dentist.

I guess we all have our things.


DawnB said...

Sounds like you have a busy week & a plan in place! Good Luck.

Amy W. said...

Hi Sunshine! I feel you on the clothes. So you are almost 10 pounds lighter than me. What size are you in? I am just so eager to see if it now takes less weight to drop a size. It took me at least 40 pounds to drop from a 26 to a we shall see!

Dinnerland said...

Sounding super great!! You go girl!!

THE DASH! said...

I remember the days when I was a dental nurse - can't believe I used to enjoy my job! Hmm What does that say about me lol. You will be fine.. hopefully, just in and out with nothing needed doing.