Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, Can I get a woot woot?!

First off, Thank God it is Friday. I am off this weekend and am looking forward to a nice relaxing couple of days. I am also looking forward to spending some time with my husband. He is a teacher but also coaches high school basketball. During basketball season I hardly ever see him. I am also having my hair cut tomorrow (I need it bad). I was supposed to have it cut last weekend but my hair stylist ended up canceling because she had to stay home with her sick baby. I actually had to resort to wearing my hair in a pony tail to work today because I have such a bad mullet going on.

I think I found my motivation again. One thing I really want is to be a lot lighter by summer. Living in the Midwest means 75% of the year you can cover your body up. This is ideal for a fat girl. But in the summer I do a lot of outdoor programs and it is just way too hot to wear long pants and long sleeves. I found this horrible picture from last summer, the July before I had my surgery.

I know I felt so uncomfortable at that weight. I think I look like I am miserable. Then I found these two pictures from an outdoor event we did in August. I had my surgery September 9th so this is probably only a few weeks before. I HATE these pictures. I had no idea I was so heavy and when I saw these it sealed the Lap Band deal. I knew I could not live like this.

Summer is our bread and butter at the library. We do a summer reading game for kids through adults and we give out huge prizes. We do lots of fun events and work long hours, but I love it. Part of the excitement over summer reading for us is our official summer reading t-shirts. Every year we get 3 or 4 t-shirts with the logos on them. These become our work "uniform" for the summer.

I always hated wearing these t-shirts because I felt fat and dumpy. This year I want to feel good in my shirt. I even ordered a couple sizes smaller this year. This for me, is a great reason to stay on track. I want to really enjoy summer this year. Only a little over 4 more months to go. I should be able to lose at least another 25-30 lbs by then. I would feel amazing at that weight!

What is your motivation to stay on track?


meandmygizmo said...

Woot Woot for Friday!
My motivation...stepping on that scale this morning and having it move downward overnight! ;-)

Kristen said...

My motivation for surgery was horrible picture I saw posted on facebook, I had thought I looked awesome that night, needless to say I didn't. I love seeing new pics posted and noticing a difference. I think my motivation is shopping lol. I love shopping and any excuse to have to go works for me, so dropping in sizes works great! You're going to look wnderful this summer in those smaller t's, that really exciting!

Amy W. said...

My motivations are: My mini-goals I set. I am a little nervous bc my one year is on Wed and I have 3 more pounds to lose and the damn scale is broke. My next goal will be 3 months out which is also my next doctors appointment!

workinprogress said...

My motivation..... seeing the pictures from my high school reunion (yikes!!) and my kids (they need me around and active).

Have to say seeing before and after photo's (thanks for posting yours) is what give me hope though :-)

Athena's Melting said...

Pictures are def a motivation for me, normally I'm all in the center of pictures, love having my picture taken, but I've noticed in the last year or two that I am finding excuses not to be in pics..
Congrats on your goals!

fitnessbandit said...

A photo I have from September 2000. I was weighing in at 70 kilos. I would love to be in the 70's in September of this year.

I have always dreamt of running a marathon. That is my non-scale motivation.

THE DASH! said...

My greatest motivation is the way my new clothes fit. Getting into a size 14 here in Australia (size 10 in the US) keeps me on the straight and narrow. I never, ever want to go up a clothes size again.. I want to keep heading down. So for me, it's being able to still wear all the great stuff I'm wearing AND to continue how fantastic I'm feeling!!

This summer is going to be so much fun for you. It is for me (I'm wearing pencil skirts above the knees again..whoooooo)