Saturday, January 16, 2010


I went shopping yesterday because I desperately needed some new pants for work. I tried on lots of different brands and sizes. I am so excited to say that I am officially out of the 18s. I am now a size 16! Amy W was just asking me what size I was wearing ( I said 18) but these last 3 lbs seemed to have sealed the size 16 deal. My 18s are just way too big. I have to say that all the 16s were very comfortable so I am thinking I can't be too far from a 14. Woohoo!

I am working today and tomorrow, so no fun weekend for me. I do have dinner with a bunch of ladies (whom I love) tonight. We are doing Mexican (dangerous). Hopefully I can keep my alcohol intake low and my food intake even lower. I did work out last night (at 10:30 pm) just so I could give myself a little more slack today.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Linda said...

Awesome NSV Anna! I started wear my 16 jeans a couple weeks ago and it's so awesome. I don't know why 16 is so much more normal than 18 but it is.
Have a great weekend!

Amy W. said...

OOoh this is GOOOD GREAT AWESOME news! Not only for you, but for me :0) bc now I can gauge my sizes by yours...or something like that! Where did you get them at? And why are there no pictures?

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Go Miss 16!

THE DASH! said...

So cool that you might have you might have skipped a size. That is brilliant news!!! Have heaps on fun on your night out!!

Suzi said...

Yay for going down sizes! If you want to get rid of the 18s, let me know ;)I need to find somebody to pass my 22s to! Keep up the good work