Friday, January 8, 2010

It Is Friday and Weigh-In Day

I am happy to report I have lost all my holiday plus a little more. I weighed in at 205.4 which is 3.6 lbs down from last week and .6 lbs down from my lowest weight. So exciting to see a new number and creep ever closer to that wonderful onderland! Yesterday, at work, I got many comments about how thin I was looking. It is strange how one day everyone notices. It was nice though.

We got a ton of snow yesterday and last night and it looks so beautiful outside. It is sunny today so it is especially sparkly. It makes me want to snowshoe or sled. I hate how long the winter is, but I really enjoy the snow.

No big plans for the weekend. My husband's basketball team (the one he coaches) has a game tonight and he won't be home until late. I get out of work too late to make the game so I will be on my own. I plan on catching up on some crappy tv and exercising. Saturday Jason has practice in the morning and his basketball team has a bowling fundraiser that night. I am not sure if I will go or not. Sunday we are going to a movie. I love movies.

Happy Friday to all!


Ramona said...

Congrats on your loss this week. We also got snow here in St. Louis but it's so cold here I can't imagine going outside to "play". Have a great weekend.

susieq4givn said...

What a great way to start your Friday! Congratulations!

Linda said...

Wow - what a big loss! Great job.
Have a good weekend.

Band-Babe said...

Yeah! You'll be to onederland very soon.

Go see "Sherlock Holmes" if you haven't. It's a chick flick disguised as an action/adventure film. WARNING: Robert Downey Jr is MINE, my husband already ok'ed my affair with him. I just need to call my plastic surgeon first, and come up with 50K. Seriously, though- I loved the movie. (as opposed to Avatar and Alvin and the Chipmunks, which were both fine). Have fun.


THE DASH! said...

Big congrats on the weight loss for this week. That is a really brill number.

You have a good weekend too. Enjoy your crappy tv. lol