Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here I go again

I am sitting around in my jammys and Jason took a picture of me with our Scottish Fold Sophia. You can also see Capone peaking around my right side. We are huge animal people. We have four cats and they all named after gangsters and gangster wives. We also have fabulous Ike the Pit Bull. We probably would have given him a gangster name but he was rescued and was Ike when we got him. Anyway...

So, I say this all the time, but... I ate so bad this weekend. I ate out 4 times, ate cookies and cake, and wine and crap. Blech. I did work out hardcore, so maybe that will be my saving grace. Why can't I get my freaking act together. My social life is killing my weight loss. I am actually thinking about calling my doctor to beg for a fill sooner then my next appointment Feb 1. I just don't know if they could get me in any earlier then that anyway. Where did my great momentum go?!

Back to it hardcore tomorrow. I am not looking forward to Monday. Some Sundays I am so sad to the let the weekend go. This is one of those. At least I have Big Love to look forward to tonight. I have been waiting so long for the new season!


THE DASH! said...

Sounds like its all happening!

I would have a million cats too if MOTH let me lol. Love them!!

Enjoy your show.

Amy W. said...

I love animals as well. I have Gracey (aka Berneeta) and Rambo (aka Big Brutus).

I like you PJ top!