Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fill and the gallbladder from hell

So, I went in to see my fabulous doctor today. I was not feeling well last night or this morning. I have been having weird back pain when I eat. So, I tell the doc about it and he says my gallbladder is on the fritz. He wasn't concerned about it and said I could maybe get away with not having it removed for a couple years unless the pain is a big problem (it isn't YET).

I got a fill... .75 cc. I am at roughly 5.5 ccs now. He didn't want to give me too much because he filled me to what he thought was "a good tight fill" under flouroscopy last month. He was afraid I would end up too tight if he put too much in. I can tell a little of difference with the liquids. The fluid moves much more slowly through my stomach and sort of gurgles down.

I am looking forward to testing it out tomorrow on real food. On a side note, my doctor was so happy with my weight loss. He told me I should be very proud of what I have achieved so far because it is a big deal. That made me feel good, even with a couple pounds still lingering from the holidays, I am doing great.


Southern Belle said...

You are doing great! Hopefully the GB will stop acting up soon.

Gen said...

Hope this fill works! 5.5 is a pretty good amount - I felt definite restriction at 6 ccs...until it wore off a month later! Now I am at 7.

THE DASH! said...

Oh jeez. The old gall bladder rears it's head huh? I have been down that road.

The thing I can tell you if it is your gall bladder, stay away from fats. Seriously. It seems to make it ark up. I had months and months of horrible pain..and then had it out in the end. :) Hope the flaring up of it goes away.

Sarah said...

Ugh... I'm with Cara on the gallbladder thing... Mine was acting up for years but I never knew it - finally figured out that the "stitch in my side" was when I ate fatty fast food crap... ended up having mine taken out and it was the BEST thing in the world - never felt better!!! good luck!