Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Restriction... really..

I am starting to think restriction is similar to unicorns and leprechauns. I am pretty sure it is the fantastical thing that we all wish for but never really find. I just finished eating lunch and have found my restriction to be no different. I am hoping that if I give it a week or two it will start to tighten up. That is what happened the last time I had a fill at least.

O well, I have made it this far right. Guess I will just have to continue down the path of good eating and exercise. I can do that... right?! I told Dr. Katz yesterday, that I was starting to get impatient. He totally understood and was empathetic. I keep trying to tell myself not to be in such a hurry and that it will come in due time. Easier said than done. My current goal is to get to Onderland by February 5th. Two weeks, 5 lbs.

Now on to my rant. I regularly peruse They have a discussion board and forum for Lap Band patients. Well I have mentioned before how I feel pressured to eat low carb... and that board is one of the reasons. So again today I log in and see that someone has posted this long message about how the reason everyone is having trouble right now is because they are still struggling with all the carbs and sugar from the holidays. This person goes on to point out that essentially the only way to succeed at this is low carb no sugar. That is a diet. I had LB so I would not have to be on a diet. We have seen people succeed while eating carbs and sugar (Amy just pointed this out in her 1 year post). Stop carb fear mongering!

And on a final note: Happy Hump Day!


Band-Babe said...

Protein is a helpful tool, but I am living proof that you can lose weight and eat like crap. Nothing really to be proud of, but I have plenty of potatoe chip days...

Amy W. said...

I know! Blah Carb people. No, I dont mean that, and being PC I should say if it works for some then that is great. But when people start to say NO CARBS or NO's a diet ya know? I don't think the band is about restricting parts of the food pyramid...just how much of the pyramid we eat! With that said, there is science tied to too much salt, too much fat, too much carbs...but I just dont think its all about one of those things. made me giggle with your intro!

Hmm...I havent thought about when I want to hit onderland. Wanna race?


Linda said...

I need carbs to function properly. Granted I can't eat tons but I do and I've been losing OK. I don't want to have any off limit foods. I remember I went to a support group pre-surgery and a very successful bandster was there giving her opinions and she said she only ate 32 grams of carbs a day! I almost died - I was like if I have to do that no way. I guess it's just whatever works.
I hope you hit onederland soon!!

Anonymous said...

For me success has been a well rounded diet. I have certaintly cut back on the carbs/sugar. But I find the minute I tell myself something is an absolute NO, that's all I want.