Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on the Doctor visit

So, as mentioned before, I had an appointment today with the wonderful Dr. Katz. I am always happy to see him because he always gives me a pep talk and clears up any questions I have. First he asked me what I can eat. I laughed, and he said he knew that was a loaded questions. I had to fess up. In a moment of delirium I ate a number 1 from McDonald's. I was ABLE to eat a number 1! For those of you who are not up on the McD's value meals... number 1 is a Big Mac meal. Now to be fair, I struggled to get the burger down... the bread gave me trouble but I still struggled through it. I also ate the entire thing of fries and to be entirely honest... also a giant cup of pink lemonade. Dr. Katz laughed and told me not to tell him that. Then he went to go on to say when he is working at his other office there is a McDonald's on the corner and he has been known to order the number 1.

He gave me a 1.5 fill and I drank some water. He was telling me how weird restriction really is. When he filled me under flouroscopy a few months ago he filled to the point of what looked like ideal restriction. We both watched the barium go down and it got to the band, pooled up, and then went down slowly. Two fills later and I am still looking for that magical spot. I am on liquids today and when I had my protein drink it seemed to be moving slower... hopefully that sticks. I did ask if I could come in sooner then my regular monthly appointment if I was not having restriction. He said I could make my next appointment for 3 weeks but no earlier. He said he has seen too many folks get filled too soon and end up way over restricted.

So on another band related note... I have this weird thing that happens with my band. When I lean up against the kitchen sink to do dishes and I lightly press on the edge it pushes on my tubing. It makes this crazy feeling of bubbles traveling upward. It is so strange. I asked to Dr. about this... he said no big deal, the tubing is just close the to surface there. Does anyone else have this? I tried to explain the feeling to my husband but it is lost in translation.


meandmygizmo said...

HHhhhmm haven't felt the gizmo or the tubing but that port spot is a whole nother story!!

Band-Babe said...

Glad you didn't freak your doctor out about your McDonald's escipade. I think my doctor almost fainted when I told him the kinds of snacks we have at our house... but I have kids. It's not the stuff I like, and no big deal! Hope this fill brings the restriction you need to avoid #1's!

Sandy Lee said...

So I guess you just have to give up doing dishes!

Amy W. said...

oh man! A big mac. I sooooo miss big macs! I have thinking of trying the big mac wrap...do you guys have them there? They are new and I would probably have to split is with Tracey...but I so miss them.

with that said...A BIG MAC! I cant believe you got that sucker down. I would get stuck on one bite! Thank God you went and got a fill!

I will be interested to hear if you can tell a difference!

SuperMegaAnna said...

Amy... I have thought about the snack wrap... it looks GOOD! But, I wanted to give the old Big Mac one more go. It wasn't as good as I remember.

Yeah.. I needed a fill bad.

THE DASH! said...

I can't feel the tubing but I sure can feel my port now. It's really close to the surface (the kids say its an alien experiment and thats the tracking device lol)

You did well to fess up to your Doc. If you're eating McD.. then maybe you did need more. Hope it gives you a great restriction.